Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Does your smile make you feel embarrassed? Dr. Steven Ross may recommend braces in Salinas, California. At our office, gone are the days of traditional braces that need to be worn for about two years. With Fastbraces®, you can have straightening treatment that is fast, safe, and affordable.

Fastbraces use unique triangular shaped brackets and only one nickel-titanium, super-elastic wire per arch. Traditional braces straighten teeth in two stages. First the crown of the tooth, the visible part, is moved into alignment. Then the root of the tooth is moved. The triangular shape of Fastbraces brackets allow the root of the tooth to be moved into position from the beginning of treatment. This allows the root and the crown of the tooth to be aligned simultaneously. While traditional braces usually take about two years to straighten your teeth, Fastbraces only need to be worn for about a year. In some cases, they are worn for as little as three months. For patients who desire a more aesthetic solution, Fastbraces®Clear™ are also available. They use ceramic brackets and use the same technology to move your teeth quickly.

We invite you to contact Ross Family Dental today to learn if Fastbraces are right for you and to schedule an appointment with our dentist.