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Are you ready for Halloween and all of the festivities, sweets, and treats it brings? It is critical to make sure you and your loved ones do not go overboard this Halloween season. Set up an operative candy plan with reasonable guidelines to ensure you can still have a good time without enhancing your risk of tooth decay or cavities.

If you have loved ones, consider setting up an exchange program to have them switch out their candies for safer incentives and rewards, including toys or money. Furthermore, be sure to dispose of all candy after the Halloween season is over or else you may find yourself snacking on sweets for weeks on end.

Be careful with extremely hazardous sweets and treats, including products that can easily chip and crack your teeth, such as candy apples, as well as products such as sticky and chewy sweets like taffy and caramels. For further help with your oral health, come see Ross Family Dental at our office for routine checkups and cleanings.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us to at 831-422-5351, or stop by our office in Salinas, California. From Dr. Steven Ross and our team at Ross Family Dental, we wish you a safe, fun, and happy Halloween!