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Dental stains can develop on your teeth from a variety of sources. Sometimes the natural processes of aging can dull the appearance of tooth enamel. However, individuals who frequently consume dark beverages, and foods are more likely to experience dental stains. Tobacco users are also very likely to develop significant dental stains on their front teeth.

At first, the whitening products sold in stores might seem tempting. Many of them make exorbitant marketing claims about their effectiveness. Unfortunately, not all of them are as potent or as safe as they seem.

The wisest course of action is to schedule a consultation appointment at Dr. Steven Ross’s dental office. The years of training and experience they has received can help you find the best method for restoring your white smile.

Many of the whitening toothpaste and whitening strips sold in stores can be convenient for removing minor dental stains from the surfaces of your teeth. Yet many of these products lack the potency to address more significant dental stains.

Some retail grade dental bleaching gels use stronger concentrations of whitening agents that might remove moderate dental stains. Unfortunately, if some of the gel gets on your gums it can cause severe irritation. Excessive use of these gels without a dentist’s supervision could potentially cause significant harm to your tooth enamel.

For more significant dental stains, the safest and most effective option for whitening your smile is to have Dr. Steven Ross administer a dental bleaching treatment. The professional tools and potent whitening agents they uses can fully remove dental stains that have saturated deep into tooth enamel while also protecting your teeth and gums.

If you live in the Salinas, California, area and you need help whitening your smile, you should call 831-422-5351 schedule a whitening consultation at Ross Family Dental.