Dental Health in All Stages of Pregnancy

When are expecting, you are probably striving to keep yourself healthy and strong for your own baby’s growth and development. During this time, it may be wise to think about how you can keep your teeth healthy and strong throughout the process. Our team is going to give you some help on how you can… Read more »

Some Really Strange Toothpaste Flavors

Toothpastes contain fluoride, abrasives, and cleaning agents which work together to clean teeth and fight decay. But there is another ingredient that some may consider essential to toothpaste: the flavoring agents. These agents make the toothpaste pleasing to taste, and they do not contain sugar that will increase the risk for decay. The most common… Read more »

6 Factors That Increase the Risk Of Developing Gingivitis

When plaque extends under the gum line, it can cause irritation and infection there. This condition is gingivitis, and can make the gums red, swollen, tender, and may even cause them to bleed. Gingivitis can be treated by brushing and flossing daily, and also by scaling performed by your dentist. But here are some of… Read more »