Dental X-rays help our dentist detect dental issues that are hard to spot during a regular dental exam. X-rays show a lot of detail and help our dentist find cavities, check the tooth roots, check the bone surrounding your teeth, check on developing teeth, and monitor the health of your teeth and jawbone. Depending on your oral, health, your age, and your risk of oral disease, Dr. Steven Ross will decide how often to take an X-ray in Salinas, California.

Our office uses digital imaging, which has many advantages. Unlike traditional X-rays, which need to have the film developed in a dark room, digital imaging sends the image directly to the computer just seconds after being taken. The image can then be viewed on screen, saved, and printed out. Digital imaging uses less radiation than traditional X-rays. Images taken can be enhanced and enlarged, making it easier for our dentist to spot any dental problems and to show you what the problem is. Using subtraction radiography, our dentist can digitally compare current images with previous ones. Anything that is the same is taken out of the image, leaving only an image of the differences. This allows our dentist to spot even the smallest changes in your smile.

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