After dental school, pediatric dentists have two or three years of specialty training. Pediatric dentists specialize in caring for infants and children through their teenage years. This includes children with special needs. Dr. Steven Ross is proud to provide pediatric dentistry in Salinas, California.

During your child’s first dental appointment, there is very little treatment done. The first appointment is short and gives your child a chance to meet our dentist in a friendly, non-threatening way. Our dentist may ask you to sit in the dental chair, holding your child, during their exam. This will make him or her feel more comfortable. Our dentist will check your child’s teeth for decay and examine your child’s bite Dr. Steven Ross will also look for any potential problems with the gums, jawbone, and oral tissues. Our hygienist may clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride. Our dentist and hygienist will educate you about oral health care basics for children and discuss any issues found. Our dentist will likely want to see your child every six months to build up their comfort with the dentist’s office, monitor the development of their teeth, and treat any problems.

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