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Are you worried about your little one’s oral health? If you are, good for you. As you can probably guess, if your child has clean, healthy teeth while they’re young, they’ll probably develop healthy habits that can last for year to come. But, what can you do to help your little one develop these healthy habits?

If you’re worried about your child’s baby teeth, what do you think you should do first? Naturally, you should brush and floss, but did you know that you should start once your child’s first tooth comes in? Doing so can help your little one fight off tooth decay and keep their teeth healthy. Also, to help prevent decay, you should consider limiting the amount sugar you should give your baby.

Similarly, to keep your child’s teeth healthy, please avoid giving them a bottle when it’s time to sleep. Doing so can rot your little one’s teeth very quickly, leading to a variety of future oral health problems. In other words, try giving your child a bottle when they are awake and alert. If your child must have a bottle to sleep, try filling it with water.

Finally, try to make oral care fun. Give your child flavored toothpaste and fun toothbrush. Scare tactics will probably not be effective. Instead try to help your child appreciate what good oral health will do for them. Teach them to brush and floss properly by doing so yourself.

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