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Over the course of the last twenty years, dental implant technology has continued to evolve and develop new applications. If you are missing multiple teeth in one part of your mouth, our Ross Family Dental team can now replace them with a bridge that is mounted to dental implants.

The placement process starts with your dentist, Dr. Steven Ross, examining your mouth and taking a series of X-rays. These things will assess the overall health of your mouth and determine how much jaw structure you have available. If you lost the teeth as a result of chronic gum disease, tooth decay or tooth extractions, you may have also suffered a loss of bone structure. In a case like this, we often recommend that you receive a bone graft in that part of the jaw to restore sufficient jaw structure in order to anchor a dental implant.

After your bone structure has been addressed, the process of implanting two posts for your bridge can begin. Most people choose to be deeply sedated for their own comfort, so you will need to arrange to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

During the procedure, an oral surgeon will make two small incisions in your gums to gain direct access to the bone. They will then make two narrow channels in the bone before two titanium posts are screwed into place. Titanium is known to be biologically safe and will eventually fuse to your bones in a process known as osseointegration.

Your gums will be sutured closed and each post will be protected under a temporary crown while they fuse to the bone. Later, our Ross Family Dental team can fit the posts for a standard bridge.

If you have lost multiple teeth in a row and you are interested in having an implant-supported bridge, you can call Ross Family Dental at 831-422-5351 to schedule an appointment.