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If you would like a tooth restoration treatment to enhance your smile, a highly effective option to consider is a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to enhance your smile by eradicating the risks involved with future damage. This is because dental crowns are permanently cemented over existing teeth and work to entirely cover the tooth or implant. Not only does this provide the option to repair cracked and chipped teeth with a tooth restoration, but it also prevents future damage from occurring to the tooth above the gum line.

If you’re seeking to restore your smile, one of the best and most effective tooth restoration treatment options to consider is a dental crown. Dental crowns are fixed prosthetic devices that place a cap over your teeth and conceal them on all sides. Not only are dental crowns highly durable, but they can help improve the look of your teeth because they can be customized for the look, color, shape, and size that you need.

If you have teeth that are highly vulnerable to tooth decay, dental crowns can help protect the tooth from future damage. Dental crowns are even useful for weak or broken teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. In some situations, damage may be so severe that no other restoration can be used except for a dental crown. In addition, they are extremely durable and can effectively function for a potential lifetime’s worth of use.

If you have previous tooth restorations done to a tooth including bridge work, dental implants in place, or root canals, it may be possible to use a dental crown to hold the restorations and place. They can even cover teeth that need dental fillings where little of the natural tooth remains. With the use of a dental crown, it will hold the tooth and the dental filling together. Dental crowns can even bind together bits of broken teeth to restore the functionality to a tooth once again.

The best smiles are made possible with dental crown restorations. To upgrade your smile with dental crown restorations, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our dentist in Salinas, California. If you would like Dr. Steven Ross and our team at Ross Family Dental to talk to you about dental crown restorations, please call our dentist office at 831-422-5351.