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If you are missing a tooth or two, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance and be at an increased risk of oral health issues occurring in your smile. When a hard blow or decay causes the loss of a tooth, a gap is left behind that allows the surrounding teeth to move about which can result in tooth damage and bad breath. Fortunately, our team at Ross Family Dental can replace your missing tooth with a variety of options. We invite you to learn more about dental bridges and to find out if they are an optimal method for replacing your missing teeth.

Did you know that dental bridges are a highly popular choice for dental restorations? They effectively replace teeth by providing an appliance that mimics the feel and appearance of a lost tooth. This helps you to speak clearly and chew your food well.

We encourage you consider the status of your oral health to help you determine whether a dental bridge is right for you. Typically, the loss of more than three teeth cannot be resolved with a dental bridge. This appliance needs healthy teeth and gums to provide an anchor for the bridge on both sides of the gap in your smile.

If you struggle with poor oral health and have weakened teeth and gums, you may another treatment. Gum disease, tooth decay and other issues can often occur in your smile without being noticed, which is why our dentist will give you an exam prior to placing a bridge.

A dental bridge can effectively restore a lost tooth for a decade or more as long as you care for the appliance and keep it clean. Contact Ross Family Dental at 831-422-5351 today for an appointment with Dr. Steven Ross to learn more about dental bridges in Salinas, California.