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If you have ever suffered from damaged or bleeding gums, it is important to make sure that the condition does not progress. An often serious disease that can progress over numerous years known as gum disease, can occur due to infections in your gum tissue.

If you’re suffering from gum disease, it can increase the rate at which oral ailments damages your gums. This includes additional signs of inflammation and swelling of your gums as well as gums that frequently bleed when eating meals or when brushing and flossing. In addition, if you have pain when chewing or eating food, it is important to determine if gum disease is the cause.

If your teeth are sensitive and they appear to be loose or moving out of position, gum disease may be to blame. In addition, it is important to check for any signs of tooth recession, which refers to your gums pulling back away from your teeth and thus, exposing more of the tooth. Additional symptoms such as halitosis can frequently arise when gum disease is present.

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