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Until just recently, the main product available to help patients with their oral care was Chlorhexidine, which was not as effective as it could be. It led to stained teeth and could only be used for as long as two weeks. That was, until the breakthrough of OraCare. This product involves a simple two step process that can help your teeth in both the short and the long run.

So what is OraCare? OraCare comes in a wide variety of products, but the product that we most often recommend here at Ross Family Dental is the OraCare rinse. This rinse is used in the same way as any other mouthwash, except it comes in two separate bottles because of OraCare’s active ingredient, activated chlorine dioxide. Since there are two parts to this product, to use the OraCare rinse, pump equal amounts of both parts of the rinse into a cup and allow it to sit for 30 seconds before proceeding to rinse for another 30 seconds. It is recommended for most patients to use the OraCare rinse twice a day to prevent diseases and improve their oral health.

OraCare has many benefits, the first of which includes killing bacteria and viruses. It also eliminates fungus and mold, and studies have shown that it gets rid of oral yeast infections quickly and effectively. Along with these factors, OraCare dissolves plaque and erases bad breath. The reason that OraCare is able to do all of these things is because its active ingredient is activated chlorine dioxide. This ingredient fights bacteria and leads to whiter teeth. It is also a gas, so it can reach places in your mouth that liquids and solids just can’t clean. Another extremely helpful component of OraCare is xylitol. Oral bacteria feed on regular sugar, but they can’t feed on xylitol. If they do ingest the xylitol, it will eventually fill up their system so they can no longer take in any more sugar. Xylitol also increases the production of collagen, which leads to increased periodontal (gum) health.

There are so many reasons beyond a whiter smile to use OraCare. It removes the largest factors that lead to gum disease and allows patients to clean their dentures without removing them and soaking them overnight. OraCare helps with dry mouth, cracking on the lips, and bad breath. It can also be used to keep patients’ mouths clean and healthy after many dental procedures. Lastly, OraCare controls plaque. Because of all of these benefits, OraCare is a favorite among dentists everywhere.

Thanks to the development of OraCare, we now have an effective and easy way to care for our oral health. If you would like to look into OraCare today, visit the OraCare home website or contact our team at Ross Family Dental and we’ll be happy to help you.