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Are you aware of any risks that can befall your TMJs? TMJs, also known as temporomandibular joints, refer to the ball and socket joints in your jaw that are extremely important for numerous oral health care processes including speaking and moving your jaw as intended. When a TMJ disorder arises, it means some sort of damage has occurred to your TMJs.

If you are feeling any pain related to a TMJ disorder, a heat pack can help. If swelling occurs, consider using an ice pack. Furthermore, meditation is an effective treatment because stress is a known cause of TMJ disorders and meditation can help alleviate anxiety associated with jaw pressure. In addition, eating soft foods, practicing exercises to strengthen your jaw, and wearing night guards or bite plates, and taking medications, may also be useful for treating issues arising from TMJ disorders.

In some instances, TMJ disorders can come about due to teeth grinding, extreme stress, arthritis, dislocations, unhealthy habits, and alignment issues. It is essential to always visit your dentist to determine the exact cause of your TMJ disorder so that the necessary treatments can be given.

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