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Have you met anyone who has an oral piercing? Are you thinking about getting an oral piercing yourself? Do you ever worry that there might be negative side effects associated with getting a piercing? Sadly, if you do choose to have an oral piercing, there are several issues you might ultimately have to deal with.

Once your mouth has been pierced, you’ll be more susceptible to several serious problems, such as a chipped or cracked tooth. Sadly, regardless of where your oral piercing is located, your pearly whites might hit against your piercing regularly. This might eventually lead to cracked or chipped teeth, which can also cause problems like sensitive teeth, gum disease, and even tooth decay.

However, the actual piercing could also lead to problems. In reality, if a nerve is pierced, your mouth might go numb. Unfortunately, this numbness may not fade. Similarly, any jewelry attached to your mouth may harbor bacteria and germs. As you might have guessed, you might be vulnerable to several illnesses. This may also lead to infections and swelling, which could make breathing difficult.

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