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Do you know what is scarier than your kid’s ghost costume? The cavities they might develop from gorging on delicious candies collected during All Hallow’s Eve. However, this Halloween you and your child can prepare to defeat tooth decay by following these Halloween dental tips.

  • Have your child continue to brush their teeth twice a day and floss them once a day. Regularly removing plaque bacteria and the sugars it feeds on is the best way to prevent decay.
  • Don’t let your child eat pounds of candy per day, only let them have a few pieces. It is also recommended that they eat these pieces of candy at one time, because eating them throughout the day lengthens the time of sugar sitting in the mouth.
  • Have your child eat their candy with meals. At this time, their saliva flow is increased and will neutralize the acids in their mouth and wash away particles of food.
  • For extra protection before the candy-fest of Halloween, bring your child to visit our dentist. We can apply a dental sealant to give their vulnerable molars and premolars an extra layer of protection against decay.

Halloween candy becomes so much sweeter when you and your child take the necessary steps to prevent tooth decay.