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Your tooth enamel is the strong outer layer of your teeth that has a strong mineral density to give your teeth strength and protect the inner tissues. When tooth enamel becomes weak, bacteria can then invade the tooth and create tooth decay. You may need to receive fluoride to address weak tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay by strengthening your teeth.

You could be at risk of weakened tooth enamel if your diet if full of acidic food and drinks, you have inconsistent oral hygiene habits, or you don’t have regular access to fluoride. Your routine dental checkups at Ross Family Dental can help our dentist detect any signs of weak tooth enamel and then provide professional fluoride treatment if needed.

A high risk of poor tooth enamel can also require the use of prescription fluoride supplements, such as a mouthrinse, sublingual gels or tabs, or fluoride toothpaste. Our dentist will instruct you on how your ingestible fluoride supplements need to be taken. To fully reap the benefits of fluoride treatment, use your fluoride mouthwash or gel when you are going to sleep or don’t plan to eat or drink for half an hour.

To learn more about whether you would benefit from fluoride treatment in Salinas, California, schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Steven Ross, by giving Ross Family Dental a call at 831-422-5351 today.