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The terrors of toothaches are well known. When a toothache strikes, it can be debilitating for your lifestyle until it is treated. However, how do you know when an ache in your mouth truly is a toothache? Listed below are important facts regarding toothaches:

– If you ever notice or have any inexplicable or abnormal facial rashes, high fevers, and chills, you may be suffering from the lingering effects of a toothache.
– Toothaches typically extend past pain relievers, so check if pain continues even after pain-relieving medications are taken.
– If you have been the victim of a lost or extracted tooth and continue to feel severe pain 24 hours later, it may be linked to a toothache.
– If you suffer from jaw pain and temporomandibular joint disorders, you could be at a heightened risk for toothaches.
– Have you noticed any unusual swelling or fevers lately? If so, it may be caused by a toothache and abscess.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a toothache treatment If you would like to know if you need a toothache exam, please book a visit with Dr. Steven Ross and our team at Ross Family Dental at our dentist office in Salinas, California, by calling us at 831-422-5351. We would love to bring you in for an oral exam and make teeth and gums as good as new!