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What is the function of a temporomandibular joint? A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is the ball-and-socket joints in your jaw responsible for the movement of the jaw. This movement helps with speech and eating habits. However, due to the complex nature of the joint, it can be easily damaged, resulting in a temporomandibular joint disorder, also called a TMD.

If you are beginning to feel any pain in your jaw, you should try to use heat packs. If swelling occurs use ice packs instead. Stress and tension play a large role in how jaw pressure is sustained. Thus, try using meditative techniques such as yoga, biofeedback, and relaxing music to help lessen any pressure and tension that may exist within your jaw.

A TMD could be the result of an underlying condition or ailment within your mouth or body. If you suffer from bruxism you may be at an increased risk of a TMD. In addition, eliminate all bad habits or foods that can cause additional pain to your jaw. This including biting your nails, chewing bubble gum, and eating chewy foods such as steak.

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